Water Softening Plant

Hard Water?

We have designed highly efficient water softener to convert every type of hard water into soft water removing calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron from water. And relax! Our price is the lowest you can get in this market.

Do You Know?

Groundwater contains a lot of dissolved rocks and minerals releasing calcium and magnesium ions that renders the water hard. Hard water does not form lather and renders the water ineffective for cleaning and bathing purposes.

So, what’s our credit?

We can designed water softeners to convert every type of hard water into soft water removing every trace of calcium or magnesium ions from water. It reduces soapy residue on clothes, film on tub and shower tiles and scratching on bathroom fixtures. These are the best for both residential and commercial purposes because of

  1. low power consumption
  2. reduction of scales and clogging from pipes and vessels
  3. It increases the efficiency of appliances and the plumbing systems along with enhancing their service life.

You can get from us:

  • Domestic Water Softener
  • Industrial Water Softener
  • Water Softener for garment and textile industries
  • Water Softener for plastic moulding machine
  • Water Softener for home, flat, and apartments
  • Automatic Water Softener
  • Resin Filter
  • Softening plant for cooling towers

Also contact for Resin Media, Water softening chemicals.

Our Softening plants are suitable for home apartment, flat, hotels, resorts, Industries, and for various water treatment plants.