Our Bouquet of Services….

Kolkata Water & Environment offers the following services:


  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Project Estimation, Costing and Tender Preparation for Water Related Projects
  • Pipeline Network Design
  • All types of Survey (Topographical and Contour) along with Road, Railway and Hydrological Survey
  • Digitization
  • Design Engineering, Supply and Commissioning of:
    • Package Water Treatment Plant
    • Package Wastewater /Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Package Effluent Treatment Plant
    • Softener, Activated Carbon Filters, UF – RO system
    • Networking of STP and Drinking Water
  • Operation & Maintenance of WTP, STP, UF – RO Systems
  • All types of Drawings (Plan, Long Section & Cross Section) in AutoCAD.