Iron Removal Plant

We are glad to state that:

We are the supplier of Iron Removal Plants, at an amazingly low cost.

Hope you know that:

Iron present in ground water is responsible for imparting a reddish colour to the water. An abnormal accumulation of iron content in parenchymal organs can cause diseases like hemochromatosis and other such gastrointestinal diseases. Moreover, iron contaminated water acquires a metallic taste and is harmful to drink.

You should come to us because:

Our IRPs are provided with highly adsorptive filters to trap even the last trace of iron content in water and thereby rendering clean and healthy water. Being attached with:

  • sprinkler
  • lime stone media chamber
  • activated carbon media chamber
  • filtered storage chamber
  • treated water outlet
  • de-sludging provision
  • raw water inlet gate valve
  • backwash inlet gate valve

It is the most effective solution for Iron removal from water


We have an exclusive range of :

  • Domestic Iron Removal Plant
  • Iron Removal Plant for flat and apartments
  • Industrial Iron Removal
  • FRP Iron Removal
  • MS Iron Removal
  • Multi Grade Filter (MGF)
  • Carbon Filter
  • Sand Filter
  • Pressure Filter

Bulk enquiry solicited for Iron Removal, Media- sand/ISR/Carbon/Mno2/ Anthracite and Chemicals at the lowest rate.